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Why Open Auto Shipping Is So Popular

You are currently viewing Why Open Auto Shipping Is So Popular
Learn why open auto shipping is our most popular service.
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Among all of the services that our team offers, open auto shipping is by far the most popular. Most other car shippers agree with this statement, with estimates ranging as high as 90% of all shipments being open. But why is open car transport so much more popular than its enclosed counterpart? In this article, we’ll break down the three main reasons why open hauling is so popular and why it can work for you.

Open Auto Shipping Is Easy to Schedule

At the end of the day, most people choose to use a particular service because it’s convenient for them. One of the great things about using open trailers is that they’re incredibly convenient. There are tons of open car hauling trailers out there at any given time. This is due to their carrying capacity, which is much higher than enclosed trailers. Enclosed trailers can only take a few cars at a time, maybe around four, whereas open trailers can fit as many as ten at once! This increased efficiency incentivized car haulers to get a bunch of these trailers, making scheduling an open shipment incredibly easy. You can always find an open hauler for the timeframe that you need.

Open Transport Is Fast

This ease of scheduling also comes with another benefit: speed. Open auto shipping is fast from the scheduling phase to the actual hauling phase. After all, it’s easier to load and unload cars from these trailers. They’re built with high-powered hydraulics that make the loading and unloading process much faster. This is the best way to cut down on the time that your shipment takes, as we can’t drive any faster. If you’re on a time budget, open shipping is certainly the way to go.

Open Shipping Is Cheap, Too!

The best way to ship a car on a budget is on an open trailer. Everything that we’ve already talked about comes into play at this point. The fact that there are so many open carriers, combined with how many cars we can fit on each trailer, allows us to charge each individual customer less than we otherwise would have to. Therefore, many people choose to forgo the superior security of enclosed shipping to save some money on their shipment.

Between the speed, convenience, and savings, it isn’t hard to see why open auto shipping is so popular. Get your free open transport quote today with Fresno Car Transport!

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