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Enclosed Car Transport

enclosed car shippingEnclosed Car Transport will be your best bet if you are shipping precious goods. This option is costlier but provides far greater security for your vehicle. While Open Car Transport involves multiple cars on one bed, enclosed shipping gives your automobile some privacy. When you select enclosed shipping, your car will be carefully loaded onto an enclosed trailer. The trailer protects against weather and debris. Your car will make the journey in an entirely-sealed container.

Enclosed Car Transport also keeps your vehicle away from prying eyes. While it isn’t common that thieves break into cars during transport, it is possible and has been known to happen. To keep your car out of their line of sight, enclosed transport utilizes opaque trailers. Your car will make the move in either a hard-side or soft-side casing.

Enclosed Car Transport: Hard-Side vs. Soft-Side Shipping

Soft-side shipping involves a durable but flexible curtain that shields the cars inside. With this option, our driver loads your car into its spot using a ramp. This is the less expensive form of enclosed shipping. We find this option is ideal for:

  • Luxury Cars
  • Classic or Vintage Automobiles
  • Collectible Cars
  • Fully Loaded Pick-up Trucks

Hard-side enclosed shipping involves a 100% metal cover. The driver will load your vehicle using a liftgate. This option is best for low-riding vehicles as the liftgate will safely elevate cars that naturally sit low to the ground. We recommend enclosed shipping for:

  • Sports Cars
  • Exotic Vehicles

Enclosed shipping is always expedited. It is perfect for Snowbirds wishing to receive their car quickly at their destination and wanting premium protection. When you’re ready to fly south for the winter, send your car ahead to meet you on the other side.

Cars can be very personal items. Whether the value of your car is financial or sentimental, extra protection may provide peace of mind. Talk to our live agents at (559) 549-0410. They can tell you about enclosed shipping when you discuss your estimate. You may have invested money in your vehicle. You may have invested love. Many invest both. In any case, we can help protect what you have put into your car.