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Open Car Transport
open car transport

Open Car Transport is the most cost-effective option. When you combine this with flexible delivery dates, you can expect an affordable rate. Open Car Shipping means your car will be on the back of a truck with other cars. Usually, straps secure the cars in place by wrapping around their tires. Since there is no cover installed, your car may need a carwash upon arrival. But if you don’t want to spend the extra money for enclosed shipping, this is a great deal.

Additionally, car transport companies are required to provide insurance for your vehicle. So if something does happen to it during transit, any major damage will be covered. This includes large scratches and dents. At pick-up, you and the driver will go over any existing damage on the car. Together, you will fill out a Bill of Lading (BOL). The driver will then hand you a copy. When you receive your car at its destination, you will bring the first BOL. You will have the opportunity to inspect your vehicle and fill out a second BOL with any new damage marked.

Is Open Car Transport Right for Me?

Since your car is exposed to the elements, the shipment may face weather delays. If you are using open car transport for a convertible, be sure to do all the necessary prep to keep your interiors protected and clean. This means you will need to cover it properly yourself, making sure there are no leaks or gaps. If you do not cover it properly, water and debris can sneak in.

Additionally, your car will be visible to anyone passing by. So you will need to clear any and all valuables out of it. (Theft isn’t likely. But we suggest cleaning up just in case.) If you want to make sure your car isn’t exposed to prying eyes or the open air, take a look at our enclosed shipping option. Enclosed shipping means that your car will be covered during transport, either by a soft-side or hard-side shell.

Car shipping companies typically have a less than five percent risk of damaging your vehicle during open transport. And here at Fresno Car Transport, we strive to take good care of all of the cars we move. So whatever you choose, know that our company will work hard to give you the best service possible.

If you are concerned or aren’t sure what sort of shipping is best for your car, feel free to ask our live agents. Our representatives are familiar with the logistics of vehicle transportation and here to provide you with friendly, informative assistance. Just call (559) 549-0410.