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Mini, the Next Generation Convertible, is Confirmed for 2025

You are currently viewing Mini, the Next Generation Convertible, is Confirmed for 2025
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Mini is going to become a fully electric automobile by the early 2030s. According to the British manufacturer, its last new car with a combustion engine will be launched in 2025. Thus, in that same year, Mini, will too, unveil a new convertible car model. In fact, contrary to reports in the past, the brand is confirming officially the Mini Convertible will be here to stay in fact until the end of the decade.

Mini Convertible’s Loyal Fan Base

“It has a large and really loyal fan – the Mini Convertible. The latest and freshly updating model is what is shown based on the great demand. We have a strong belief, therefore, of the success of this vehicle concept for the future,” Bernd Körber, head of the Mini brand, said in comments.

Convertible Successor not on Being Test on Public Roads yet

The Convertible’s upcoming successor is considering a “done deal.” This is what is being said about its development. However, the car is not really ready to, in fact, be launching. There are at least two years of life remaining on the current-gen model. Moreover, the successor Mini Convertible is not being tested on public roads as of yet. In fact, more than likely, the British carmaker is wanting to say this new model has received the go-ahead for production in 2025.

The Mini Convertible will Cause a Sensation

Especially popular in Germany is the Convertible, according to the British manufacturer. Thus it was following by the U.S. market and Great Britain. The current model should “cause a sensation.” That is what the brand said and they are confident that, in fact, is what they think in that stated announcement for its replacement. “In Germany, last year, almost one in five carmaker customers in Germany has opted for open-top driving fun,” Körber adds. “There is a fantastic enthusiasm of the Mini community. That demonstrates what is occurring for a vehicle concept like this in the future.”

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