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Specialty Auto Transport for Any Situation

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Full loads like these are no problem for our team!
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Most people turn to car shippers like us to haul their personal vehicle across a long distance. However, there is so much more that our team can do for you! Fresno Car Transport has a team of specialty auto shippers that have experience shipping vehicles in all kinds of situations. Here’s just some of what our team can do for people and organizations with all sorts of needs:

Have a full load? We can handle it!

If you’re a car collector or you work with a dealership, you may need us to ship a lot of vehicles at once. That’s not a problem for our incredible auto transport team! You can reach out to us and request a full load shipment at any time. We’re able to ship as many as 10 vehicles on one open trailer at a time. If even that isn’t enough, we’ll find you another driver to help you get all of your vehicles where they need to go. If you need us to ship a bunch of cars all at once, don’t worry; we can certainly help you out!

Military members get our finest service.

A lot of car transporters shy away from nonstandard vehicles. This leaves members of our armed forces out to dry, as so many military vehicles are larger and sturdier than civilian cars. Luckily for you, Fresno Car Transport is no ordinary car shipper! Our team is more than happy to help out military members with their equipment shipments. We can ship your vehicles on one of our standard trailers or even get a more open flatbed to ship the bigger stuff. And military members can take advantage of our generous discounts, too! We love to take care of our armed forces so they can keep taking care of our country.

Moving your business with auto transport is our specialty!

Moving vehicles isn’t just for individuals, either. Our team helps tons of companies relocate to new headquarters with our car shipping services. We work hard to ensure that your corporate relocation goes as smoothly as possible. After all, we know how stressful that experience can be. You’re moving the business that you’ve worked so hard to build up; you don’t want to forget about anything. With our team on your side, you won’t have to worry about your company’s vehicles. That’s one big thing off your plate, making your move just a little bit easier for you.

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