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Kia Sorento Comes Through With New Fascia And Features

You are currently viewing Kia Sorento Comes Through With New Fascia And Features
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Kia is decidedly going to upgrade the 2024 Sorento as the vehicle comes with a particular $1600 raise to the base price. As of now, the base LX begins at $33,365m whereas the brand-new X-Pro off-road trim level comes through at $48,765.

But what’s so new about the Kia Sorento? The vehicle comes with a brand-new interior, as well as a fancier front fascia. In addition, there are a handful of new trims that come in for the gas models. Meanwhile, if you were to look at the gasoline-electric Sorento hybrid, as well as a plug-in hybrid, which arrives as a PHEV,, you would notice that the looks come in all the same as the 2024 model.

Such variants will be taking on new skin for 2024, but there are no specifics on the price rate on the brand-new hybrid models.

Kia Sorento has something of a messy track-record, given that the vehicle comes with a strong combination of comfort and energetic driving dynamics, as well as an ergonomic cabin with high-quality materials.

What’s more? There’s a flexible cargo hold, comfortable seats and even a third row that comes with enough leg room to make the Kia Sorento more bearable than the past.

The annoying eight speed dual clutch automatic transmission pairs much nicer with the 281 horsepower 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. All where the Kia will cut the dual-clutch gearbox from the Seltos, and swapping it out with a torque converter and planetary gears. The Korean brand won’t quite do the best by Sorento.

Such a powertrain combination is commonplace upon the Sorento trims EX and up.

The 2.5-liter inline-four gearshift allows for the traditional eight-speed automatic transmission, as it powers up the car with enough stamina and strength to last the car however. The car is totally able to change the game for Kia as-is.

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