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Weird Car Brands That Are No Longer With Us: Three Of Them, Really

You are currently viewing Weird Car Brands That Are No Longer With Us: Three Of Them, Really
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There are plenty of memorable car brands that you can just recognize by the sight of the logo alone. But therein lies also plenty of car makes that have suffered. Some in specific include an assortment of companies from before the 90s that just about suffered afterward. This may have very well involved a global financial collapse. In which case, the decade has had a slow-mo impact in a vast capacity. Because of this reckoning, there have been three car brands that have popped back up into recent memories. Some of them, weird entries. Others pretty logical.

Geo the Weirdo

General Motors had made the attempt to sell Japanese cars from 1989 to 1997 with their Geo model. It was misdirecting away from vehicle quality in order to attract interested buyers with Japanese quality sales. Yet, it all became too much in the sense that the spectrum of cars tried to hit every demographic at once. It was a mere matter of time before sales would dip 30 percent below the height of popularity from 1997.

Daewoo The Oddball

Korea had a task of rebadging GM and Japanese cars right next to their own designs. There was not much able to be done on these Daewoo who-knews. The company would recruit college kids as salesfolk to get discounted cars for sales leads. What they didn’t realize was that the fine print got those students into major taxes. Lawsuits followed suit. “GM Daewoos” haunted the weird space for years after bankruptcy before completely disappearing as it’s own vehicle. (Though it’s influence can still be found in Buick and Suzuki models.)

Plymouth The Rip-off

Chrysler came through with their value brand. Which honestly, has been around almost the longest. From 1928 to about 2001, it lasted. They had a good run for what it was worth. The Roadrunner, the GTX, the ‘Cuda, and of course the weird Sapporo. But when the 1990s rolled around, the Plymouth rolled into obscurity.

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