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Autonomous Truck Technology Developed By PACCAR and Aurora

You are currently viewing Autonomous Truck Technology Developed By PACCAR and Aurora
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When you hear the word “autonomous,” you have to think of what would be synonymous with the adjective. Could it be “self-driving?” Maybe “artificial-intelligence?” Definitely not always “safe.” One thing’s for sire, it’s looking like PACCAR and Aurora are joining forces to make trucks that are synonymous with autonomous driving trucks.

Aurora, which had just taken over Uber ATG, is partnering with PACCAR in the hopes to commercialize autonomous Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks. This joining of self-driving technology and OEMs integrate their platform to overtake the industry.

Here’s How Autonomous Trucking Is Going To Happen Between The Two

PACCAR and Aurora will work together under particularly fascinating terms. For instance, PACCAR will sell the Peterbilts and Kenworths to Aurora, whom will integrate the Aurora Autonomous Driving System into the software over the next few years.

The head of PACCAR Investor Relations, Ken Hastings, has said before that the deal is as follows. “The trucks will be sold through our dealer network.” But for now, they’re still lasering their focus elsewhere. For instance, on working out the kinks in the technology so that operational efficiency can increase for customers. Uber ATG, after selling-out to Aurora, has ultimately been absorbed by Aurora. Over 1,600 people throughout the eight locations are now working for Aurora.

This is looking to make Aurora a young upstart that is now competing in a vast world prioritizing self-driving big rigs.

Since their founding in 2016, the company holds true to their beliefs. After all, they saw profit in autonomous semi-trailer trucks. Moreso, an important cash grab for themselves rather than just do so for cars.

Sterling Anderson, the co-founder and the chief product officer for Aurora, once wrote that “Our industry-leading sensor suite is unique in its ability to safely operate them.”

He went on to say that their system was made to quickly adapt and seamlessly respond.

Of course, it will be some time before these trucks actually start taking over the roads. It’ll be a long time before an autonomous truck delivers your car right to your door like we can!

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