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Door to Door Car Transport

Door-to-Door Car Transport refers to the way in which the shipping company picks up and drops off your vehicle. In typical door-to-door shipping, your vehicle gets picked up at a location you pick yourself. The auto shipping company then delivers it to a secondary location, which you also pick. In the event that our company cannot get it directly to the second destination, we will notify you and drop it off as close as possible. (Some cities don’t allow large trailers in residential areas. If this is the case, we will let you know upfront so that you can make arrangements to meet us and receive your car.)

Door to Door Car Transport Is Convenient

Most customers agree that this form of transport is the most convenient way to ship. It requires you to do very little. You will only need to enter your information on our site or pick up the phone. You can speak to one of our industry professionals to get a free quote. Then, we will just need to know the pick-up and delivery locations and what kind of car you drive. (We base our quotes on transit distance and the weight of your car.)

If you choose to use Fresno Auto Transport, once you complete the above steps and fill out your contract–you’re done! From there on out, we take care of everything. The price of auto shipping often equals out to what it would cost you to drive the car long distances yourself. With this kind of transport, you won’t have to worry about filling up the tank for a long drive, scheduling hotels and rest stops or worrying about traffic. We’ll meet you or the recipient on the other side with the car ready to go.

If you have any questions, our agents will be happy to help you navigate our various shipping options. Door-to-Door car transport isn’t the only convenient service we offer!