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Averitt Express Pay Bumps For Truckload Drivers! Isn’t that great?

You are currently viewing Averitt Express Pay Bumps For Truckload Drivers! Isn’t that great?
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Averitt Express is making it happen for all sorts of flatbed drivers and regional truckload drivers. Regional drivers are starting at a rate of 50 cents per mile. Usually, one would assume $1,200 for five-day weeks. Both types of drivers have seen a 2-cent-per-mile increase fter a year or so of receiving a hazmat endorsement. The carrier has made mention that they offer referral programs for drivers with a payout of upwards to $2,750. Averitt is able to give regional drivers the ability to transfer to local and dedicated positions.

Firstly, Averitt Express is possibly the top of LTL providers in all of the nation. The company operates over 5,500 trucks from more than 100 locations. Plenty of carriers have made announcements about driver pay increases after the end of 2020 and somehow in early 2021. The pool of qualified candidates has declined down. Driver schools may have made for 40% less graduates and Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse records 56,000 driver violations. 80% of violations were related to failed tests administered to seek drugs.

Transportation employments is somehow lower in many levels prior to the pandemic as the competition from separate sectors make it tough for carriers to seat tractors.

Averitt is doing what now?

Furthermore, they’re essentially doing all they can to boost the economy. Averitt is a trucking company that deserves some respect. Who really knows where Averitt is pushing their employment for pay increases? Well, probably the employees. Averitt seems to be the company that all the trucking community needs. As if they were a responsible company to safeguard all the terror one would face on the road. Isn’t that swell? Isn’t that great? A fantastic front? A no-holds-barred entity? There’s something to dig. To dig about this type of American ingenuity. And if you do not recognize? That’s a crying shame. Because most companies should follow suit. Right away.

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