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Trinity Logistics Shuts Down In The Midst of a Lack Of Business

You are currently viewing Trinity Logistics Shuts Down In The Midst of a Lack Of Business
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Trinity has no choice but to shut down their trucking division, Trinity Logistics Group. They simply have no choice but to say “goodbye” to the industry.

On a September 28th phone call, employees were unaware that the subsidiary of Trinity Industries, Inc. was meant to shut down until they were told so. On the conference call. That they had.

Even the equipment has all come back to the company’s HQ last Friday. Pretty sad, don’t you think?

The company had about 102 drivers and 150 power units, so says the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s SAFER website. So relatively speaking, it’s amazing a company as small as them were able to last so long in the first place.

The noted spokesman, Mr. Jack Todd, had the following to say, in a statement issued on the company’s behalf:

As a result of the Company’s shift from a multi-industry company to a rail operating company, Trinity Industries’ transportation and logistics needs have changed significantly. To align our U.S. transportation and logistics strategy with our business strategy, Trinity has made the decision to transition our logistics needs to third party carriers.  Trinity would like to thank all of the Trinity Logistic Group drivers, mechanics, and logistics professionals for their hard work and dedication to delivering products timely and safely to our Trinity businesses and customers over the years

There is, however a source, whom says that it all ended well, all things considered, anyway. The drivers had indeed been paid for their work and weren’t stuck without any fuel cards. Which was the case with many other shutdowns this year. For instance, Falcon Transport and Celadon. The most recent earnings call had made it’s debut as recent as July for Trinity Rail.

That’s the division that creates rail cars. Yet, financial troubles have also hurt their second-quarter net profits.

Trinity has openings in other business segments, but for the most part, trucking jobs are done and over with. Nothing to see here, folks.

Just a company that used to ship goods and services across the nation, with happy-go-lucky truck drivers driving. Isn’t that what all logistics want to do? Make money while shipping smiles, ear-to-ear?

All of us at Fresno Car Transport has a lot of sympathy for the truckers who will lose their jobs as a result of this closure.

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