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PONY Vehicle Updated Into An Electric Vehicle Of Futuristic Proportions

You are currently viewing PONY Vehicle Updated Into An Electric Vehicle Of Futuristic Proportions
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PONY has recently shown off their ability to retrofit the retrograde of retro-made vehicles. This, by which I mean, is how they took the 1975-1990 Hyundai PONY and turned it into a vintage yet silver looking electric vehicle model, capable of possibly so much more than originally anticipated. The Hyundai PONY EV is in part created as an example of many other Hyundai models as a part of “Reflections in Motion.” The concept itself is paying homage to the automaker’s history, while also allowing others a peek into the tech of the future. When looking back on the car, there is a softness that develops for the four-door sedan. It was essentially the first vehicle that had been mass-produced and exported from South Korea. Without it, the country may not be the automobile producing juggernaut it is today.

The Motorstudio was opened this month as the sixth one in Hyundai’s name in the whole world. Therefore, the studio in Busan is especially dedicated to concept and collaboration cars. They also offer electric vehicle design. There is also an opportunity for visitors to see the PONY EV up close and personal until the exhibition closes in June 27th.

The concept vehicle is not only cosmetic, but also “futuretroistic.” For instance, there are “camera-based, fender-mounted exterior mirrors to the fore of the windshield, pixelated round headlights and U-shaped taillights made of LED lights.” This is what Hyundai calls the “Pixel Road Trip,” and yet, the vehicle echoes previous design languages from years prior.

On the inside of the EV, there happens to be fascinating vacuum tubes that light up with stats such as the energy and the range of the vehicle.

In conclusion, It’s safe to say that this iteration of the PONY is very much a high-quality machine full of robust possibilities.

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