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Stay Safe This Halloween!

You are currently viewing Stay Safe This Halloween!
Happy Halloween! Stay safe and have a spooky good day!
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Happy Halloween! Since we have reached October 31, 2023, and prepare for the spooktacular day’s celebrations, it is important to remember some simple safety rules and tips to make sure this year is not only another successful Halloween candy wise, but safety wise as well!

While Trick-or-Treating…

Make sure you do not leave young children unattended. Some kids want to just go collect candy on their own, but the reality is that some are simply too young to do so. People may assume because streets will be busy that children will not be at risk of any danger, but research says otherwise. According to a recent study, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. is the riskiest time slot for children pedestrians. This study includes Halloween.

Plan a route for older children that are trick-or-treating on their own. There does come a time when kids reach a point in which they want to trick-or-treat on their own and are actually old enough to do so. When that point comes, we suggest that you plan the route for your child, if you do plan to let them be entirely on their own. We also suggest that you plan check-in times, just to ensure they remain safe.

Lastly, stay on well-lit streets. This just benefits everyone when out trick-or-treating. The children and adults alike will remain safe and well-lit streets mean they have a higher chance of cars seeing them. Drivers are too often careless on Halloween and will not pay attention as well. Staying in well-lit areas increases the likelihood of drivers seeing you, decreasing the likelihood of a car/pedestrian accident.

After Trick-or-Treating…

When you and your children return home, make sure you go through the goodies they collected while trick-or-treating before letting anything be eaten. Candy tampering is unfortunately all too common nowadays. Each year news articles are published warning of a new way in which candy is expected to be tampered with, as each year people get more and more creative. That is why it is especially important that you go through the candy and get rid of anything that looks like it was previously opened at all. It is unfortunate that in this day and age this is still such a huge concern, but it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to Halloween safety.

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