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Ford Raptor Comes With Great Aesthetic And New Features

You are currently viewing Ford Raptor Comes With Great Aesthetic And New Features
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2024 and it’s Ford F-150 reaps the lion’s wealth of grace with fresh changes made especially for the upcoming model year. Such ease to take for granted involves noticing a brand-new design for the face, as well as other additional features, that allows for the truck to be upgraded. There are new features like the recently-revised headlight design and brand-new shocks as well as a modular front bumper, as well as a brand-new coat for a color and even revised graphics. In a sense, the Raptor R, coming in hot with a 5.2-liter V-8 that may therefore be the strongest generation of power with the ongoing rise in horsepower. Up to 700 horsepower. Yet the company hasn’t even done that much to show the full specs.

In comparison to the past single-valve shocks by Fox, the latest units are intended to show improvement in rebound control. Something that Ford believes can be of great use with high-speed desert running.

Just imagine how fun that may be: Rip-roaring through the sand to make it to areas of the place that make it easy to get some Sun. Amazing. 

Fresh features involve a modular bumper that in and of it’s own has mounting points that provide safe haven for lighting accessories as well as new and improved tow hooks. Who doesn’t love that? A place to put your tow hooks?

The other features that had been available upon every Raptor model with 37-inch tires. As they’re equipped, the 2024 Raptor had come with dual-valve shocks as well as a modular bumper.

With a varied history of paint, it includes Shelter Green with fresh hood graphics ready as well. Ford themselves haven’t shown any detail for interior changes in the Raptor, besides huge screen that shows how the standard for infotainment has really been minimized on low-trim trucks. But it holds promise, nonetheless.

As of yet, there’s yet to be any firm pricing on the 2024 F-150 Raptor, but it’s likely to rise from the starting price of $78,720 for the standard Raptor as well as the $109,295 pricetag for the Raptor R.


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