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How Enclosed Transport Can Protect Your Car

You are currently viewing How Enclosed Transport Can Protect Your Car
Enclosed Transport Trailers like this have hydraulic lifts
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Shipping a vehicle today has never been easier. The only thing that may be difficult is choosing what works best for your car. The two biggest options are to choose between open transport and enclosed transport. This refers to the type of trailer used to ship your vehicle. They both have their pros and cons, but nothing is more secure for your vehicle than choosing enclosed transport. Most people who ship classic or luxury cars choose enclosed transport trailers.

Enclosed Transport is Safer

Enclosed transport trailers are any type of trailer that has a canvas or hard shell covering that surrounds the trailer. This cover helps protect your vehicle from all sorts of road hazards, both big and small. While those whose cars are shipped on open transport trailers arrive with a healthy layer of dirt, those in enclosed trailers don’t worry about that. Dirt can cause scratches to the paint and reduce your vehicle’s luster. Additionally, even those without luxury vehicles choose enclosed transport trailers if their route takes them past harsh weather conditions. Heavy snow, hail, or frozen rain can seriously damage your vehicle. Adding that extra layer of protection ensures that your car is safe.

Specialty Trailers

The most common type of trailer is the double decker trailer that holds anywhere between six and ten vehicles. The driver will drive your vehicle up a ramp to load your car onto the trailer. However, due to the dimensions, some cars can’t load onto these trailers. If your car has especially low ground clearance or aftermarket parts protrude irregularly, your car may not fit on a typical trailer. Luckily, there are specialty enclosed trailer options for your vehicle. These include trailers with hydraulic lifts. You just drive onto the lift gate and the hydraulics do all the work. For those with specialty vehicles, you may have to go with enclosed transport. Otherwise, your vehicle can be damaged through the shipping process.

It’s best to talk to your shipping company to determine what trailer is best for you. However, if you want to go the extra mile to make sure your car is protected, enclosed transport is the choice for you. If you’re still looking for a shipping company, call Fresno Car Transport today. They have a team of dedicated professionals to help you make the best choice for your vehicle. At Fresno Car Transport they have access to a number of different trailers. This means no calling all over town trying to find a trailer to fit your car. We do all the work and provide a worry free shipping experience.  

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