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How Open Transport can Save You Time and Money

You are currently viewing How Open Transport can Save You Time and Money
Open Transport Trailers account for 90% of all Auto Shipping Trailers
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If you’re shopping for quotes for your next auto shipment, you may notice that not all prices are equal. The cost of shipping a car is not set in stone. With fluctuating gas prices, seasonal changes, road closures, and more, there are many things that can affect the price of shipping your car. However, there is always one constant that can consistently keep the price of car shipping to a minimum. The choice to pick open transport instead of enclosed transport This option will almost always lower the price of shipping your car. Unless your car has specific needs that require a specialty trailer, most people can save money and even time by shipping their car using an open transport trailer.

One of the secrets to auto shipping is that you’re actually bidding on a place on an auto transport. This means if there are many trailers available, you can get yourself a good deal. Over 90% of all transport trailers are open transport trailers, which makes bidding on open transport trailers a buyer’s market. If you’re trying to ship on an open transport trailer, the odds of your finding a good deal are much greater than on an enclosed transport trailer. To be precise, ninety percent better. A greater number of open trailers available means that you have a lot more options available to you.

Open Transport Saves Time

Also, since there are so many trailers available, you are more likely to be able to find a trailer on a specific date. If you need to ship your car to match move-in dates or a new start date at work, you may not have a lot of wiggle room to ship your car. Being able to make sure that a shipping trailer is available for your specific ship date is important. However, with open transport trailers, you may find that they are available on that date and then some. You could have a ton of additional options. This could get your car on a shipping trailer much sooner or even find a shipping option where the truck is driving directly to where you need it dropped off. Having options is a good thing, but it is imperative in the shipping industry.

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