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8 Rounds Fired At Fresno Officer

You are currently viewing 8 Rounds Fired At Fresno Officer
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Fresno, CA – A chilling video has surfaced after 8 rounds were fired at a police officer.

The report shows Fresno officer Sgt. Ezequiel Suarez, who is a veteran of the local police force, driving down a unnamed street when suddenly 8 shots penetrate his vehicle.

With glass splintering and shots through the door, the video shows Suarez pulling over, getting out, and finding cover behind the rear of his cruiser.

With his gun drawn for protection Sgt. Suarez quickly calls for backup and medical assistance. While Sgt. Suarez was ultimately unharmed, the incident sent a shockwave through the Fresno Police Department.

Chief Andy Hall released a follow up after the incident:

“We’re lucky we don’t have an injured or killed officer as a result of this,” he says. “If we wouldn’t have caught this subject with a firearm, he would’ve been released back into the street, so the zero bail absolutely has an effect that we’re seeing on the street.”

The Video Quickly Makes Rounds Across Police Social Media

Shootings in the area have gone up a whopping 90% since new restrictions were put in place. This is not helping to protect the police, but the threat to the public from these restrictions can be seen as worse.

The restrictions are to allow inmates to be released due to COVID-19. These inmates need to fit a strict criteria while upon release.

Still, many are finding it difficult to track where the 90% increase in shootings are coming from. Is it pent up rage over the lockdowns? An increase in drug abuse due to the stress of living through the global pandemic? Are people struggling more financially and therefore turning more to crime to get by? We won’t know the answers to these questions for some time. However, it’s good to ask why these things are happening.

Attorney Kevin Little is currently working on behalf of inmates. He has filed 47 petitions for habeas corpus. The threat to the public might still be COVID-19.

“Show me people released from jail are behind these shootings…It could be due to the fact that people aren’t working, it could be due to the fact that mental health issues are being neglected,” says Little.

While this continues, Officer Suarez is in a stable condition. The longtime veteran is no slouch when shrugging off 8 rounds.

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