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Native American Warrior Logo Cost to Be Replaced is Estimated at $400K

You are currently viewing Native American Warrior Logo Cost to Be Replaced is Estimated at $400K
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Native American Mascot logo from, the most prominent high school in the San Joaquin Valley, is being eliminated. It along with the school’s stationery, signs, uniforms, floors, a theater curtain, and more. Moreover, it will cost $400,000, according to a school’s Unified staff report. In fact, the report is stating that the dollar figure is “preliminary.”

The reported estimate is lower than the estimates, Terry Slatic said. He had prior knowledge of hearing it being discussing in administration offices. That put the cost to replace the mascot log at $1.1 million. Slatic is the Bullard Area Trustee.

Moreover, Slatic said recently he remembers other “preliminary” estimates. This included Boston’s “Big Dig” project. It wound up costing taxpayers billions of dollars more.

Initial Native American Logo Replacement was Nixed

The lone no vote cast by Slatic. This occurred when the School Board voted 6-1 in December to keep the mascot name Warrior. Yet to replace the cartoon image of a Native American man with another logo.

Negative Impact of the Logo

The culmination of a community campaign was based on the board’s vote. This was to recognize the oncoming negative impact Native American logo has on indigenous peoples, which includes Fresno High students.

The board also discussed with other schools in the district that they have Native American-themed mascots and logos at that time.

Native American Logo is Literally all Over the High School

The Fresno High mascot is seen on athletic uniforms, band uniforms and the band trailer, the Warrior Park stone monument, building floors, and entry carpets, the gym floor, and scoreboards. In addition, it visible on signage at sports facilities and parking areas, the Royce Hall theater curtain header, interior and exterior banners, and the school marquee at Palm and McKinley avenues.

District’s General Fund

The logo replacement will be paying for by funds from the district’s general fund. It is going to be using for many of district expenses which include salaries and facilities needs, Slatic said.

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