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Young Adult Program Highlights Fresh Career Paths

You are currently viewing Young Adult Program Highlights Fresh Career Paths
Young Adults Aim High With Jobs
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The young adult program through the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission program is giving young adults the chance to launch new careers and build a better future.

While getting paying for it, the program is helping participants test our different positions. In fact, they have over 120 different career options for which they provide scholarships.

Jose Esoto wanted to become an auto body technician and he did go to school but he couldn’t find work.

“In fact, I got my certificate however I could never find a job for it. I was unemploying,” said Esoto.

He did learn about the Fresno EOC Workforce Connection Young Adult Program.

“I was told, moreover, they could help me in looking for a job. Also, put me in school,” added Esoto.

Participants like Jose are pairing with different employers and complete 200 hours of paid work experience. Jose worked with California Tiny House.

“Ultimately, we want them to come here, be comfortable, have fun, get to know truly how small local businesses operate, and then pick up some skills along the way,” said the Owner of California Tiny House Nick Mosley.

Moreover, construction isn’t the only training offered.

“Forestry, auto mechanics, there is really a lot of different opportunities for anyone looking to choose a different career,” said Martha Espinosa. She is with the Fresno Regional Workforce Development Board.

Thanks to his training, as for Jose, he is dedicating to landing a job with California Tiny House. It was at the end of the program.

“I had to show him that I was good enough to be here. This after 200 hours. Then to actually work under him,” said Esoto.

You must not be between 14 and 24 years old and a resident of Fresno County. Also, if you are interesting, visit their website or call (877) 954-4473.

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