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Squaw Valley Name Change is a Movement Seeking Local Support

You are currently viewing Squaw Valley Name Change is a Movement Seeking Local Support
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The Squaw Valley name change doesn’t affect all its residents including Gladys Dick McKinney. In fact, she has lived there all of her life. Moreover, she doesn’t mind the name change. “The Squaw Valley name does not offend me. I am an Indian woman, mother,” Dick McKinney said.

Squaw Valley Name Change

Moreover, Dick McKinney is part of the Dunlap Band of Mono Indians. In fact, at an Orange Cove City council meeting in January 2021, is when McKinney said she first heard of this effort when it was scheduled for discussion.

Trying to make a point, she said: “We’re not even in their district. That’s a city, we’re county,” she says. 

There was really an uproar on social media because it in fact surprised so many locals. Therefore, the discussion was postponed. The term does hold many different meanings in other tribal regions.

Squaw Valley – Name Meaning and Language

“In fact, what does that have to do with us? It’s a language in that area,” she says. “It came from outside settler. Here, she says, it just means women.”

Large Encampments of Women

“Moreover, when they came into the Valley, they saw these large encampments of women that are working. In fact, most of them were women because men had different duties. Women had different duties. In fact, somebody tagged it Squaw Valley,” she says.

Locals Want a Name Change

In fact, Roman Rain Tree believes locals do want a name change. In fact, he says there are tribes in the area that are still applying for federal recognition, so, in fact, they’re afraid to speak out. 

Virtual Presentation about Squaw

A couple of weeks ago, he led a virtual presentation to discuss the history behind the word “squaw.” He does refer to the area only as “S Valley.” The Dunlap Band of Mono Indians and Choinumni tribe is what Rain Tree identifies.

Locals Dispute Name

“In fact, we have proposed ‘Nuum Valley.’ Though, it’s not a name we have gone in and dug our heels in; moreover, there a lot of residents have suggested ‘Bear Mountain Valley,’” he says in the online session.

Now, Rain Tree is working on an application to change the name. It will be with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names. There are more than 16,000 signatures to date on the online petition which he started on

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