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The Government Wants to Buy Fresno e-bikes

You are currently viewing The Government Wants to Buy Fresno e-bikes
Girl on a new e-bike thanks to the new fresno E-bike Program
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Fresno residents can expect to have another travel option this July: e-bikes. A state-sponsored program to help residents buy e-bikes rolls out in July. This program helps people acquire the expensive vehicles at a better price. They call it the e-Bike Affordability Campaign. E-bikes are not cheap. They can range from $1500 to $10,000, but city officials say they’re worth it.

They set aside $10 million for the program. The bill officially passed in 2019. They are finally rolling out the program after lock downs and world events. Still, the timing couldn’t be more perfect with gas prices surging to $6 a gallon. People should find relief with this program for an alternate way to commute.

Fresno e-Bikes For All!

The program piggy backs on a current law to remove old polluting cars with financial incentives. The money comes from the Cap-and-Trade program that currently exists to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. California law-makers are doing all they can to limit CO2 emissions and Fresno can soon benefit from these programs.

Senator Tom Umberg wrote the bill. He estimates that even a 15% increase in e-bike use will offset carbon emissions by 11%. It’s an ambitious number, but if it’s true, Fresno residents can do their part, and for much less than ever before.

Residents can qualify for financial help in procuring an e-bike. The first round of financial support is for low-income residents. Disabled peoples can also qualify for modified e-bikes. There are also e-bikes used for carrying equipment and passengers. This could lead to an e-bike economy that could combat Uber and Lyft.

How Much Will I Get?

Lawmakers are still figuring out how to allocate the funds. The plan is to roll out the program the same way they released the Clean-Cars-4-All program. It could work, but local awareness is key for a smooth roll out. People need to know if they qualify, and more announcements will come before the July release.

Are e-Bikes even Useful for Fresno?

E-bikes are a wonderful solution for the average commuter. The pedal system works to help propel the bike and activate the electric motor. On a single charge, an e-bike can travel around 22 to 50 miles, depending on the model. They can even reach top speeds of 30mph. However, they do take 3-5 hours to charge, but higher end models prevent overcharging if you choose to plug it in at night. You can expect 10,000 30,000 miles on a single battery life. E-bike owners can find replacement batteries at your local bike shop.

Shop owners rave about e-bikes. They claim the bikes can pay for themselves in a year. Less than a year if gas prices go any higher. To fully charge your e-bike, shop owners claim they cost roughly a dime in electricity costs. That being said, awareness hasn’t spread about the program. Some shop owners didn’t even know there was an e-bike program.

The e-bike industry should be strong and with these extra incentives, residents can spend less time at the gas pump and more time enjoying the beautiful Fresno weather. If you need to transport your vehicle a long distance, cut out the gas prices entirely and ship your car. Fresno Car Transport can ship your vehicle anywhere in the United States. Check out to get a quote today!

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