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Air Purification System is “Ticket” to Going Back to Church

You are currently viewing Air Purification System is “Ticket” to Going Back to Church
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Air Purification System and its air-cleaning technology that has been around for over 10 years may be the answer to opening doors to churches. As well as other public areas in the Corona Virus era, The Raisin Capital pastor said Wednesday. Maybe the answer or key to is simply let people return to places of worship just like they did before the pandemic halted everything and open the church doors wide open to let fresh air in! This is not “Gavin Newsom” science baby!

Air Purification System and Other Units Installed in Church

The pastor, Jim Franklin, at Cornerstone Church in Downtown Fresno, has announced the installation of six dry hydrogen peroxide bio-defense units in the church’s auditorium.

The units are patented through a company called Synexis, Franklin said. They work constantly to reduce damaging microbes in the air. As well as on surfaces. Then, he said that dry hydrogen peroxide molecules, or DHP, from the system. Those flow well below the levels naturally maintained inside human lungs. As a result, force microbes to attach themselves to the DHP molecule. Moreover, break them down and render them benign.

Cornerstone Church is Open for the Lord’s Business!

Unfortunately, Franklin said many of the congregation have stayed away for fear of the Corona Virus. Moreover, Cornerstone Church has carried on with holding in-person services since last April.

Air Purification System: Parshioners are More Confidence Attending Church with the New System

The new air purification system has immediately begun bringing people back into church after two weeks of bringing it in, Franklin said. He feels they have a “better level of confidence that this is a safe environment.”

People Need to Feel Safe!

“It could be an answer to really help people be safe, he said. “We hope others will follow that. We have already found this to really help us. I really want to get people back in church.”

Suing California is the Way to Assert your Civil Liberties and Rights

Moreover, last year, Cornerstone Church has indeed filed a lawsuit against the state of California that challenges the restrictions placed on houses of worship. This was during the Corona Virus pandemic. By the way, it is still going on! Franklin said the church is still awaiting a final decision on their case on Wednesday.

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