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Retail Stores Could be Shut Down Under New Five-Day Emergency Order

You are currently viewing Retail Stores Could be Shut Down Under New Five-Day Emergency Order
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Retail businesses could close down because of the surging COVID-19 cases. Fresno City Council members are in the process of drafting an emergency proposal.

Fresno Under the Threat of Growing COVID-19 Hospitalizations

In the draft of the ordinance, Fresno could be under an emergency shutdown order for five days. In fact, this is once the number of available ICU beds in the county is down to zero. At this time, Fresno County has 18 beds available.

Retail Businesses’ Threshold

All retail businesses could completely close once the threshold gets there for five days according to the emergency proposal. Therefore, all office workers would also work from home. However, grocery stores and curbside pickup from stores would still be allowed.

At this stage, this is still a proposal. It has not been voted on by the City Council. Councilmember Luis Chavez who is leading the effort on the draft of this emergency ordinance.

Almost 5,000 COVID-19 cases went up in Fresno County in the last 48 hours. There are 89 new deaths from the virus. Supposedly viewed as “staggering numbers” which in turn motivated Chavez to draft this order. It’s utterly ridiculous to do that!

Grim Forecast for Retail Businesses

It would be ongoing for another five days if the numbers remain at the end of the five-day shutdown. Of course, until the number improve. Beyond nonsense!

Cooler Heads and Wiser People Prevail in This Gloom and Doom Scenario

Thankfully, not everyone in the Fresno City Council is on the “bandwagon” with this “ludicrous” and “punishing” proposal.

This is not the ‘be all end all situation.” I’m not a big fan of shutting businesses, said District 2 City Councilmember Mike Karbassi who defiantly spoke out.

Karbassi said he wants to see a proposal he thinks can actually pass with it saying there needs to be more data to continue to a specific conclusion. Though he said he had worry about the situation in the hospitals presently.

I don’t think punishing businesses is an answer that will work. Presently, I’m exploring the idea of looking into finding a solution that will make a difference. I’m truly worried right now. Karbassi said.

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