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Central Valley Ranks Second in COVID-19 Hospitalizations

You are currently viewing Central Valley Ranks Second in COVID-19 Hospitalizations
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Central Valley hospitals are continuing to be disproportionately affecting by COVID-19 hospitalizations than the rest of California.

Therefore, according to the state data, Fresno, California, is ranking second in the highest numerically for the COVID-19 related hospitalizations with over 300 patients. With over 630 patients, Los Angeles County is ranking first.

Central Valley is Taking a Major Hit

“The Valley is getting hit very hard this is on a pre-capital basis,” said Northern and Central California Hospital Council Vice President David Bacci. It is taking place in Fresno.

Los Angeles County has, in fact, ten times the population. This is according to Bacci who said the data from the state does not tell the full story.

“There are would be 3,000 people in hospitals in Los Angeles County. If really all things were considering equal. But that is just not the case,” said Bacci. “However, there are about 20% that number, in fact.”

Most COVID-19 patients, Bacci said, are out of all the California hospitals. They are treating in local county hospitals.

The hospital has 120 COVID-19 positive patients, according to the hospital’s online dashboard. Moreover, the CMC dashboard is showing 180 COVID-19 positive patients.

The entire county of San Francisco has a population of 900,000 with about 50 COVID-19 related hospitalizations.

There are over 90 hospitals in Los Angeles County, Bacci said. Moreover, Fresno County has nine hospitals and San Francisco County does have 11 hospitals.

There is a 35% in cases in local counties in Los Angeles according to Carrie Monteiro. Moreover, she has said the increase in cases does cause an increasing strain on hospitals.

There are 60% of new cases with people that are under the age of 40 over the past month.

More than five times of people unvaccinating are more than likely to get infected with this virus. Also 10 times more likely to end up in the hospital because of it,” said Monteiro. “Therefore, we do encourage people to get vaccinating.”

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