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Devin Nunes Leaves House of Representatives for CEO Role

You are currently viewing Devin Nunes Leaves House of Representatives for CEO Role
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Devin Nunes will soon leave the House of Representatives in a West Coast state in a city up North for a top job at Donald Trump’s social media company.

Devin Nunes has been Victorious in the U.S. House of Representatives

For ten terms won, Devin Nunes was in the U.S. House of Representatives. In fact, it was really by large margins in Tulare County and in an eastern Fresno County District. There is a very strong Republican lean.

Defender of Freedom and Spokesperson of Conservative Values

“He has been great here. Devin Nunes has been one of the most famous congressmen in the country of course,” said Fresno County Republican parts chair Fred Vanderhoof.

“He’s been so solid and so stalwart, consistent and a defender of our freedoms and an excellent spokesperson for conservative values.”

Therefore, local Democrats have criticized Nunes. He has said he showed “very little interest in the constituents of District 22. Plus having refused to hold town halls. Moreover, he has been really engaged in national polarizing politics.”

Devin Nunes – Trump Ally and More

One of Donald Trump’s key allies in Congress is Devin Nunes. Moreover, he will become a CEO at the former president’s upstart social media company next month.

The job is more than likely to be very lucrative, said political analyst Mark Keppler. Moreover, redistricting may also play a large role in the decision to leave Congress.

“The districts are being reconfigured the way it was likely done. Moreover, it is likely that the new district is going to go from a +5% for Trump to a +9 for Biden,” Keppler has said. “Moreover, it would be very difficult a time to win that district.”

The local congressional opening could, in fact, be very attractive to the politicians from both parties, Keppler said.

“It does seem it will be a political free-for-all with all types of folks who want to run for that particular seat,” he said.

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