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FAX Bus Crash Case Was Awarded $1 Million in a Jury Verdict

You are currently viewing FAX Bus Crash Case Was Awarded $1 Million in a Jury Verdict
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A FAX bus collision has led to a $1 million in 2015 in a jury verdict for an Uber driver this week. Here is how the events unfolding in this collision. In a northern region, the drive down Highway 41 did look normal for a while in video from a FAX bus. Unfortunately, the driver did seem to nod off on that dark November evening.

FAX Bus Crash Collision

“In fact, you will see the plaintiff’s vehicle blinker go on,” said attorney Jeremy Dobbins. He represents the Uber driver that was hit by the bus. “Moreover, there’s quite a bit of time between that and then when he actually collides with him.”

Tragically, the bus hit a Toyota Corolla and it then spun off the freeway in Fresno, CA.

Crash Made Injury Worse

The driver Reza Reza Mohammadi said the crash made his bad back even worse. But the Uber passenger inside was ok.

He did hire Dobbins. This was after another attorney settle the case for $50,000. Dobbins got an appeals court to reverse the settlement and then had a doctor do an examination.

Chronic Pain Syndrome

“Therefore, he does believe he is suffering from something called ‘chronic pain syndrome.’ In fact, it was induced by this collision with the bus,” Dobbins said.

Mohammadi, at present, can move around now, however, Dobbins did, in fact, say doctors are sure the injury will in time affect his mobility.

Then, they went ahead and sued the city. That is the charge of FAX bus service. It took the case to trial six years after the crash.

The City of Fresno Fell Asleep at the Wheel

“For the city of Fresno, the most disappointing thing did seem to not want to take responsibility for a guy falling asleep at the wheel of a bus. Then running somebody down,” Dobbins said.

It seems the city attorney’s office did not respond to a request for comment. However, they have documenting their defense in court paperwork.

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