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DUI Collision Kills Truck Driver

You are currently viewing DUI Collision Kills Truck Driver
Drunk driving causes accidents every day
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A two-vehicle crash in Fresno County left one dead, police say. The victim was a 60-year-old dump truck driver who crashed into a tree in a resident’s front yard. The other driver, a 22-year-old, was arrested following the collision for DUI.

The crash occurred at around 6:30 pm on Thursday. The 22-year-old driver reportedly ran a stop sign, striking the dump truck. It subsequently veered into a nearby yard and rammed a tree. The dump truck driver was pronounced dead on the scene.

The dump truck used diesel fuel, requiring a hazmat team to clean up the mess afterwards.

DUI collision highlights the danger of driving while intoxicated

The 22-year-old now faces charges of DUI and vehicular manslaughter. This tragic case highlights just how dangerous driving while intoxicated can be, both for the driver themselves and for others. And this just isn’t about drunk driving, either. Driving while under the influence of any drug can be incredibly dangerous.

In the US, some 28 people die every day in drunk driving accidents. Alcohol affects your judgment, even in very small concentrations. At a .02 BAC, well below the legal limit of .08, a person’s ability to see and react to dangers on the road becomes impaired. As a person gets more intoxicated, their judgment and coordination are reduced. This is why people say that driving while buzzed is drunk driving. Though it may not be as dangerous, the danger is still there.

California has legalized marijuana use for recreational purposes. Marijuana use and its impact on driving have not been studied as much as alcohol, but its effects are well-known. Like alcohol, marijuana use impairs a user’s judgment and reduces their reaction time. Motor skills also suffer from marijuana use.

To be as safe as possible, you should never drive while impaired by any drug. Fresno Car Transport ensures that our drivers comply with this and all relevant laws to keep Fresno streets safe.

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