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Abortion Law Upheaval Makes For Confusing Circumstances

You are currently viewing Abortion Law Upheaval Makes For Confusing Circumstances
Abortion overturns are flipping this town upside-down.
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I still can’t believe and won’t believe that the Supreme Court of these United States have divided the country so much by reversing the Roe v. Wade law that makes abortion legal. It’s scary enough to know that guns are still approved to be owned by younger individuals. But to see that there’s been such a shitty instance where the justices in office can’t consider the nuance of womens’ rights? For shame. As if the very idea of just letting a woman have her way with her body and ultimately, her child? Humiliating to say “I’m American.”

In Fresno? The outrage is no different.

Three hundred folks or more gathered outside the City Hall, during an already-hot summer, for yet another protest in Fresno, facing against the Supreme Court ruling. Speakers shouted out against the ruling, purely insulted as change became ever so necessary.

Meanwhile, same-sex couples have to worry about their own constitutional rights, Latinas are seeing limited abortion access themselves and city hall is being flanked all over. Fresno of course has pro-lifers and they’re none too thrilled about the opposition themselves. Essentially, they’re approving for those anti-abortionists to take a chill pill, aka Plan B.

Lauren Babb, VP of public affairs at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, “It is true that Tulare County and Kings counties just don’t have a lot of resources.” 3,070,000 people in Central Valley are running out of options. Some individuals have to travel up to 100 miles to receive care.

Fresno Churches Fear Retribution from Abortion Supporters

Some churches are sure to be scared as they in particular have decided to invest in defense. St. John’s Cathedral in downtown has an iron fence on the grounds. Chandler Marquez, communications director for the Diocese of Fresno, had this to say: “It’s a day of progress for defending life. Earlier this week, all of the bishops throughout California were notified by Homeland Security of Night of Rage, extremist groups throughout the nation calling for and endorsing this event. It’s scary, but the community has really helped us out,” Marquez said. “Fresno PD has really helped us protect our parishes in the city.”

In the meantime, policemen have been in close contact with the diocese. So says Chief Paco Balderrama.”So if they reach out and say ‘Hey, we’ve been threatened’ or ‘we received a threat’, we would look into it and investigate that and provide additional security. Again, although we’re not expecting anything we have to be prepared for the worst.”

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