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Adventure Parks Risk Spread By Reopening

You are currently viewing Adventure Parks Risk Spread By Reopening
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FRESNO, CA – A couple of adventure parks in Fresno and the nearby Clovis, are looking to ignore COVID-19. They’ll swat away Governor Gavin Newsom’s warnings and reopen on Tuesday.

I come from a theme park town. And if I know anything about those cash cows, it’s that they benefit from high volumes of attendance. It’s swim or sink in that sector of the tourism industry. (Even more cutthroat if you’re a seasonal water park or ski lodge.) What I’m trying to say about these adventure parks is that they’ve got every right to reopen. And heck, maybe it’ll be plenty a good time, so long as nobody vomits off the edge of the roller coaster onto your face.

Both parks, No Surrender Unlimited (Fresno) and No Surrender Adventure Park (Clovis) both been out of commission since July 1st.

Nearly three months after, and General Manager Rick Souza can’t take it any longer. If they don’t reopen, then they’ll have to shut down indefinitely.

However, Fresno County is said to still be stuck in the purple category. This clearly states that entertainment parks, like the adventure parks, are not allowed to reopen.

They’re aware that code enforcement may tax their irresponsible usage of actions. But it’s for a good cause.

“We’re willing to go as far as we can go to stay open to support our families.” said Souza.

To their credit, it’s not like they didn’t try all they could to go about reopening legally. They’ve already reached out to their local congressman, with little to no response.

So they’re taking matters in their own hands. Surely, regulated park interactions will make the whole process all the more easy.

To ensure visitors and park staff that the utmost safety will be taken under consideration, No Surrender has made new measures available here.

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