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Multiple Events Held in Valley to Honor a Murdered Street Vendor

You are currently viewing Multiple Events Held in Valley to Honor a Murdered Street Vendor
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Mulitple events that including vigils, marches, and vendor fairs were held in different parts of the Valley in Fresno this past Sunday to remember a street vendor whose life was tragically taken last Sunday.

Multiple Events Held for Lorenzo Perez

Shot and killed in broad daylight, Lorenzo Perez was on the job.

The Cold-Blood Murder has Been Charging

In fact, Demarcus Vega, an 18-year-old man, has been arresting by officers and in connection with the murder.

Multiple Events Included a March in Madera

An organization called Shoe Plug in Madera organized a march that targeted standing up for street vendors. Holding signs and marching, dozen came together as one. As a collective whole, they demanded a safer future for street vendors.

Multiple Events: Jay Vasquez Issued a Impassioned Rally Cry

“Enough is enough, we really want people to stock attacking our street vendors,” said Jay Vasquez, the organizer. However, the Courthouse Park in Madera to Millview Park was where the march starting and it was a over a mile away.

Living Street Vendor Honored the Murdered Street Vendor

Emeterio Pozos is a street vendor himself and was at the march. Street vendors are being killing, he said. In fact, they have to go out and sell in fear, he added. Sadly, they also wonder if they will return back to their homes. Pozos said he hopes the police will do more to protect them.

Giving Back

“We want to ensure the street vendors are safe and that they get back to their families,” said organizer Herlindo Moreno. “We also need to sending the message to protect our street vendors.”

Moreover, buying snacks in support, the people stood up for the street vendors. It also meant they give back as much as those who marched.

Feeling Helpless

“You feel helpless when something like this happens. You just don’t know what to do. In this situation, it is a way of saying that it is at least that I can do this part for them,” said Brandy Medina with The Craft of Me.

Hard Choices Versus Realities

“It takes a lot to send your loved one out there, a lot of people don’t realize what it takes. The vendors are out there every day doing these jobs,” said Sheila Escobar with Sco Boutique.

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