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StopTheTires2020 Didn’t Bother Supply Chains As Much As Hoped

You are currently viewing StopTheTires2020 Didn’t Bother Supply Chains As Much As Hoped
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In stark protest against the announcement of Joe Biden being confirmed as the President-elect, many truckers have decidedly chosen to strike. This is in belief that the 2020 presidential election was prematurely called, as many truckers favor President Donald Trump. While Trump has not yet conceded the results of the election, truck drivers simply won’t let it stand and have even started a Facebook group in support of not supporting Biden. The group is StopTheTires2020 and they even are planning on boycotting all services on Veterans Day just to prove a point. Though concerning, it mainly involved delivery of nonessential supplies to U.S. cities, in light of the Corona Virus pandemic.

The group is made of plenty Trump supporters, truckers and even members of the military. This is all to contest Joe Biden’s ban on fracking. Biden has made it clear however that he’s not opposing anything but hydraulic fracking on federal lands.

Still, though, truckers are fracking mad. But supply chain companies were not.

StopTheTires2020 hurt nothing of Supply Chains

There are facts that prove so regarding information provided by the Outbound Tender Rejection Index. According to the OTRI, the rate that carriers rejected customer requests to pick-up freight was showing that the one-day strike really didn’t impact the supply chain too much.

It declined Tuesday to Wednesday by a mere 0.20%. Reports from all over the country confirmed that the strike of StopTheTires2020 had no visible impact on the markets. This is likely due to many of the truckers sidelining their political beliefs. Certainly, in pursuit of making enough dough, transporting dough, to put the dough on the table for their families. This is slightly concerning, however, as another strike is quickly approaching in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Who knows how many truckers will bother by then, from November 26th through November 29th? A trucker by the call name of “Dusty Chrome” has made it known that “there just aren’t enough truckers that agree on anything or everything to show up and make a stand that will hurt the economy.” Dusty Chrome knows this to be true, throughout every shutdown attempt that he has seen throughout the past 52 years of his trucking career.

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