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Southwest Airlines Canceled Flights Due to Air Traffic Issues

You are currently viewing Southwest Airlines Canceled Flights Due to Air Traffic Issues
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Southwest Airlines has canceled hundreds of more flights this past Monday. This would include a West Coast state and city up North. The airline has, in fact, blamed air traffic control issues and bad weather. It was for the weekend what is calling “operational challenges” that have resulted in 1,900 canceled flights that occurred between Saturday and Sunday. Moreover, Southwest, though, was the only airline has to report a very large percentage of canceled plus delayed flights over the weekend. In fact, the airline is apologizing to its customers and employees for the cancellations and delays. On Friday, the airline said it ended many cancellations, “that are specifically creating by weather and other external constraints.”

Southwest Airlines – Strain on Crew Resources

On Saturday, it left aircraft and crews out of pre-planned positions to operate the airline’s schedule. “In fact, the out-of-place aircraft and has continued to have a strain on our crew resources thus creating additional cancelations happening across its point-to-point network. It has continued throughout the weekend and into Monday,” the airline said.

Cancellations in Fresno

In Fresno, the weekend’s effects were felt. This is where Southwest has, in fact, canceled two flights at FYI on Sunday. This was according to the website Moreover, it would account for 40% of the airline’s total traffic into and out of the airport for the day. There were delays on three flights or 60% of the traffic. Moreover, on Sunday, American Airlines and Allegiant Air in addition had to cancel flights. Also, on Monday, two more Southwest Airlines flights were canceled for the day. This also does include the 7 a.m. to Las Vegas and a flight in from Denver. Then just one Southwest flight had been delaying. “Southwest teams have been working very hard to restore stability to the network. Thus, we are experiencing fewer disruptions on Monday,” the airline said.

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