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Post Hurricane Hillary, California Faces More Excessive Heat

You are currently viewing Post Hurricane Hillary, California Faces More Excessive Heat
The excessive heat creates greater fire risk as well.
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After the rain, comes the heat. While Hurricane Hillary did not hit the entire Southern California in the capacity many expected, it still was unprecedented rainfall to most. With this said, California weather is seemingly back to regular business as usual. Most of the state facing excessive heat warnings for the week.

For Monday and Tuesday, warnings have been issued to parts of LA County, Ventura County, San Bernadino County, San Luis Obispo County, the Santa Ynez Valley, and Cuyama Valley. With this round of warnings, the National Weather Service announces that temperatures are expected to range from 8-16 degrees above the average temperature. In some areas, there are wind advisory warnings as well, and in others, there are expected dry conditions.

Temperatures are expected to be consistently in the high 90s, even reaching the 100s for some.

Unfortunately for many, there will not be much reprieve in this round of excessive heat. Even overnight temperatures are likely to remain high. With the consistent high temperatures, wind, and dry heat, fire risk is raised as well. If you live in one of the areas that are under the excessive heat warning, you are also being advised to be aware of the high fire risk. They advise to proceed with extreme caution, as one tiny spark can lead to mass destruction.

California has already experienced several large fires and is not in a position to handle many more for the year. With the unprecedented heat and unexpected hurricane, the state is dealing with limited resources.

If you live in one of the affected areas and have limited access to cool weather, we encourage you to look into local cooling centers. Many free cooling centers are available in the Los Angeles area. Other counties should have their own centers as well.

During this heatwave, health officials have advised to limit heat exposure. They also say to stay hydrated (remembering to drink more water than you normally would and drink enough electrolytes). Additionally, do not leave any pets or children in a locked car, and familiarize themselves with dehydration symptoms.

Dehydration symptoms can be fatigue, nausea, dizziness, headache, vomiting, and many more.

Whether you live in an area under the excessive heat warnings or not, it remains very hot for the entire state of California at the moment. Always remember to stay hydrated and stay safe.

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