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Creek Fire Containment has Been Pushed Back Again to December 31st

You are currently viewing Creek Fire Containment has Been Pushed Back Again to December 31st
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Creek Fire Rages Less Intensely Four Months Later

Creek Fire firefighters will not be able to fully contain the Creek Fire until December 31. It is nearly four months after the massive blaze first broke out in Fresno and Madera counties. The U.S. Forest officials announced on Monday.

Creek Fire is 96% Contained

The Creek Fire is the largest single wildfire in California’s history. The blaze is currently 96% contained at 379,895 acres.

Because the high elevations are rocky and hard for crews to access, the remaining flames have not been contained. This according to officials.

However, rain or snow will put it out completely, says officials.

The Fire was Full Containment was Originally for Monday

Originally scheduled for Monday for full containment. Though officials did not give details on why the fire will take even longer to contain.

On September 4th, the wildfire sparked on September 4th in Big Creek. However, it quickly consumed thousands of acres. Therefore, it forced 45,000 people in the foothill communities to evacuate.

Creek Fire Destroyed Homes and Businesses

More than 800 homes and businesses and in Fresno and Madera counties, The Creek Fire destroyed more than 800 homes and businesses and damaged about one hundred more.

Fresno County Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance to secure funding from the state for cleaning up most of the homes and businesses that burned last week.

FEMA Financial Support

The victims of the Creek Fire can apply for financial support from FEMA. Click here to learn more.

“Moving into the rebuilding phase. We move into cleaning up, or rebuilding, or putting a down payment on a new place to live. We are scratching the surface on those that need help. Some people need $100 and some people need thousands. We have a lot of people we need to help,” says Lindsay Callahan, CEO of United Way Fresno and Madera.

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