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Tiny Homes Could Solve the Housing Crisis…If Residents Can Afford Them

You are currently viewing Tiny Homes Could Solve the Housing Crisis…If Residents Can Afford Them
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Fresno, CA – Tiny homes have been the eye of many looking to change the housing game. The ability to live affordably with the comfort of a home is what many new home buyers are looking for. For the housing market within the city, this has the potential to make areas more affordable. Unfortunately for landowners, the permits are expensive.

The process is simple. For those who own property, they can choose to build a backyard cottage or “tiny home” in order to create affordable housing. Renting out other areas can alleviate the high cost of living for the area.

For many, this can provide an alternative to living in poor conditions. It is also a means for young adults to live on their own. With so many believing this can be a viable option, many residents are wondering why it is so difficult for them to attain permits.

The property values of many California homes is rising. This is due to the shortage of properties available. The city of Fresno faces a shot coming of 35,000 affordable housing units.

Tiny Homes Can Help Create Affordable Housing

 Assembly Bill 68 states owners must “require local agencies to designate these areas based on the adequacy of water and sewer services and the impact of accessory dwelling units on traffic flow and public safety.”

The largest problem is the cost for obtaining permits. For many of the landowners, renting out lessens the blow to month-by-month payments.

Unfortunately the high cost is a major deterrent for many owners looking to expand their revenue. Throughout the city, housing prices are experiencing exponential growth. A major factor for this increase is due to gentrification. While many areas are affordable for younger professionals, the concept is easy. Buy when its low, spruce it up and sell it for more. While many are willing to throw down the money for renovations and investments, many are simply looking for a place to live.

The prospect of building tiny homes on residential property is important. Unfortunately , it doesn’t seem to be created for those who it was intended for.

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