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Get Electrified For Electrify America, America! It’s Coming To You

You are currently viewing Get Electrified For Electrify America, America! It’s Coming To You
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In America, these electric vehicle stations are full of off-grid standalone level 2 chargers. They’re slower but free and run by clean energy. The storage is built in the stations themselves. So they will work without time or weather interfering. They make it so affordability and public access can be ultimate for the consumer. Electrify America is run by Beam Global – formerly Envision Solar. They are currently found at health care centers all around California, including Fresno. And the fun thing about them is that they look to provide their customers with free electricity. Which is more than what you can say about the rest of the American economy.

Where did Electrify America come from?

They were created from the settlement leftover out of Volkswagen Group’s emissions scam. Which is to say they were funded, indirectly, from about near $2 billion buckaroos. They are giving the states free off-grid solar electric vehicle chargers and it’s pretty intense. You can tell that it will serve underserved and disadvantaged communities. You just know it will. Because it has to. Because we live in a world that requires us to handle “range anxiety” very well. This is the pursuit we chase when becoming EV owners. Electric spots are likely to become more normal as time passes by. It’s also pretty stunning to know that existing electric vehicle owners will already be able to enjoy this service immediately.

Soon, Electrify America will likely expand beyond the Californian borders of existence. Perhaps further to areas we haven’t even considered yet. Like the rest of the US. Wouldn’t that be something memorable? That is ultimately the goal, and my, won’t it be a stunner? That is what we chase when we chase greatness. We chase the electric dream that’s accessible by all and hated on by none. 3,500 across the USA or bust!

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