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Volkswagen Redos the GTI with an Aggressive Makeover for 2022

You are currently viewing Volkswagen Redos the GTI with an Aggressive Makeover for 2022
Volkswagen GTI has an Aggressive Look
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Volkswagen is making it easier for the carmaker’s enthusiasts to customize their 2022 Volkswagen GTI exterior design. The company has teamed up with many aftermarket companies. It would include one that has been tuning this hot hatch for decades. It would be to expand its catalog of factory-backed accessories.

Volkswagen – Modifying GTI

Moreover, acknowledging that many owners are going to modify their GTI, the Wolfsburg-based company has worked with Oettinger to give the eighth-generation model a really more aggressive look. One of the most respected tuners in the Volkswagen market is Oettinger. It would be building with some of the most desirable versions of the first-generation GTI in the 1970s and 1980s. Also, buyers can order a body kit that includes a front splitter, a roof-mounted spoiler, and a rear diffuser. Moreover, these parts can be painting and then installing by a Volkswagen dealer or by an independent body shop.

Also, GTI owners who want to be seen even when it’s dark outside can then select Osram door mirror caps with integrating sequential LED turn signals. Also, shown in the gallery above, these turn signals can be installing by an authorized Volkswagen dealer. They require no electronic modifications.

Self-leveling wheel center caps are the latest accessory that was announcing by Volkswagen. They do stay upright even when the car is in motion. The one set does feature the GTI logo. There is another which was designing for the more powerful Golf R. That features the R division’s logo. Also, these parts do join the relatively large of parts which are offering by Volkswagen. It would include rubber floor mats, a Bumperdillo, and a frame-less rear-view mirror.

The Oettinger splitter, which is now on sale across the nation, also its spoiler and diffuser. They are pricing at $510, $510, and $591, respectively. Plus, adding the sequential LED turn signals to your GTI will set you back by $265 excludes labor. A set of four self-leveling center cap costs $181.

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