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Driverless Trucks Would Change Trucks Driven For the Future

You are currently viewing Driverless Trucks Would Change Trucks Driven For the Future
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Do you ever think about a future where trucks would require nobody sitting at the helm? As if the trucks themselves could drive themselves? An automation nation? Almost to say that these trucks were driverless?

Well, believe it or not, autonomy’s getting the best of us. Because in the AV niche, driverless trucks are becoming part of the wave of the future. It seems to be more popular as the never ending wave of robots take over all our human jobs. And while that may be scary to some, that might be helpful to more. As a result, the fleets in the mid-mile segment could reduce their operation costs considerably.

Think about it like this; with no human operator controlling a truck incapable of human error, these driverless fleets could go on for twenty-four hours of every day. Justin King, a senior vice president of innovation and product of North America, Comdata, expressed views like this with pride. “There would be tremendous cost savings potentially, making this technology huge for the trucking industry.” says King.

Of course, one can assume that automated vehicles will spin-off a whole new leg of insurance plans, depending on how the annual insurance revenue is lost as a whole. But that’s just a small risk to face in order to take in the whole reward of economic and regulatory gain. Safer roads and a steep decline in logistics costs, in particular, should be attractive to the currently dumbfounded. (Aka governmental powers.)

But Why Go Driverless Now?

Because we have to mess up sometime. And if we don’t do it earlier than later, the whole trucking industry will be ridiculed by these other modes of transportation, that are not only automated in the future… But are likely able to be controlled by telekinesis. Technology may disrupt practice, but the industry can learn to evolve and progress even in times of worry. That’s our God-given right.

To rise above the driverless and become effortless. Through so much effort.

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