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Pandemic 86: How This Toyota Is Ready For The End

You are currently viewing Pandemic 86: How This Toyota Is Ready For The End
Photo Courtesy of 2igata
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Side shot of the #pandemic 86

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The Pandemic 86 is an iconic vehicle. In the 80s, this was Toyota’s introduction to rear-wheel-drive cars. Now, it wasn’t the most powerful vehicle, and Toyota wasn’t the best in terms of racing vehicles, but it was a great start.

The Toyota AE 86 is gaining popularity. From the famous Tofu 86 to the cult following in England, the Toyota AE 86 is iconic. Well, some people thought taking the rear-wheel-drive to the next level was worth it.

Lets us tell you that it totally is. The vehicle looks like its ready for the Mad Max reboot. From the all-terrain tires to the tricked out sports siding. This car looks like its either ready to fight a horde of zombie or race against the clock in a rally car championship.

The car comes completely with beefy good-year tires. It also comes with a spare tire rack. A few unique features include a front bull bar, a snorkel and mudflaps. The car is designed to go anywhere it can.

“Pandemic 86”: The Rugged Toyota Of Your Dreams

The “Pandemic 86” has with the adventurer in mind. By offering off-road ruggedness on a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, the vehicle is less of a race car and more of a battle-wagon.

The car is gaining popularity thanks to a Japanese manga which depicts the car racing up Tofu canyon. Now, car enthusiasts are doing what they can to get their hands on one. Although there isn’t much to the vehicle in terms of power or speed, the rarity of these cars has driven the price sky-high.

Car clubs through England and Japan meet up and swap stories of racing and handling the vehicle. Toyota has a weird history with rugged vehicles. The 80s brought out the best in the company. Creating the Toyota Pickup in the 80s, a box frame rugged pickup truck and the AE 86 are the company’s testament to building tough cars.

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