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Anti-Speeding Campaign Starts After Deadly Year Of Car Crashes

You are currently viewing Anti-Speeding Campaign Starts After Deadly Year Of Car Crashes
Anti-Speeding is an important rule to uphold in California.
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Officials from the Auto Club of Southern California and the California Highway Patrol are both coming together to begin a new campaign versus anti-speeding. It’s all to combat the rise of car crash-fatalities from the past year. Given the name of campaign, “Better Slow Than Sorry” campaign arrives after the instance of 309 people having been murdered in car accidents in LA throughout 2022. Within the year of 2021, the results haven’t really been as improved. About 300 lives have been claimed all through Los Angeles.

2022, it was a little better then, given that the deaths of pedestrians and cyclists had added up in a total of about 178 deaths, due to traffic accidents in 2022. In regards to the road advocacy group, Streets Are For Everyone., speed is heard to be the highest cause of deadly crashes.

A spokesperson for AAA has mentioned in the press how community wide efforts could really be useful for all individuals to understand so that there is less of a chance of rate of fatalities.

The law enforcement, government officials and traffic safety advocates are all in need of being aware of the anti-speeding campaign that truly is in specific needs to be absolutely respected by drivers.

A news conference taking place in Eagle Rock, of Los Angeles, had been specifically held so that it could address the recent death of teenager’s mother could be killed in a speed-related crash in Burbank. The Director of the California Office of Traffic Safety herself has mentioned that slowing down by 15% could reduce the deadliness and seriousness of injury crashes by nearly half the approximate estimate.

The display from the press conference had been an example most unforgettable. You will want to obey anti-speeding laws afterwards.

It was a BMW sedan that had been broken down as it had been hit by a Subaru in a speeding incident in Bakersfield in 2020. From it, an innocent Subaru driver had been killed. Within the range of time between June 30th and July 5th, 9,700 tickets were dispensed throughout California, all while 12 people die each and every day because of traffic-related accidents.

If more people obeyed anti-speeding laws, it wouldn’t be so controversial for individuals as they would much easier be capable enough to drive proper under the speed limit without any sort of danger. The ability to avoid car crashes is necessary in order to best manage the route you take as a driver.

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