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Tesla Is Maxing Out Their Unit Production: Models Ramped Up!

You are currently viewing Tesla Is Maxing Out Their Unit Production: Models Ramped Up!
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Mazel Tov to Tesla! After all, they have just reached such an important production milestone. Which you may ask? Well, lo and behold, the electric vehicle maker has confirmed reaching its goal. Which goal–so inquisitive! Well, they just wrapped producing half a million cars in 2020. This was specifically in the range of having built 509,737 EVs. And just in time for 2021.

Well, okay. You know how I said they met their goal? Tesla actually only made it to 499,550. But still, that is some progress compared to the meager 367,500 deliveries made in 2019. Most of those cars made were actually just Model 3s and Model Ys for a great bargain. That accounts for maybe 454,932. Whereas 54,805 of those cars, barely under 10.8, were high-society. Talking about Model S and Model X machines. Obviously, Tesla has been drawing towards this mark.

Deliveries are likely to crack the 500,00 marker. But that’s given that Tesla has what it takes. What do you think?

Does Tesla Have What It Takes?

2019 saw in it’s fiscal year 7.7 million being made by GM. And as we all know, General Motors is a great monster.

The company still is pretty much a wildfire with it’s EV sales. So the biggest likelihood is that when you do see an Electric Vehicle on the road. God willing, it’s a Tesla. Compare that to the measely 14,000 Chevy Bolts GM sold and you can see that Tesla has a clear gain in the race.

If Tesla can last in the year 2021, great. That would mean they’d likely get a boost from Cybertruck production. Which is to occur later this year. Refreshes of the Model S and Model Y numbers going up should also contribute nicely. Especially with the Shanghai plant manufacturing the crossover. This is given that the low-cost Tesla is still being developed for an affordable, ecological marketplace. But you always have to wait when it comes to Tesla’s deadline.

When you choose to buy a new Tesla, we hope you’ll trust the pros at Fresno Car Transport to get it home!

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