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Stock Your Stockings ‘Till You Drop! 3 EVs To Invest In

You are currently viewing Stock Your Stockings ‘Till You Drop! 3 EVs To Invest In
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Stock! That’s never easy to understand but it’s easy to learn from if you’re patient enough, right? I like to use Acorn but some people like to roll harder than minimalist iPhone investment apps. And those people who love stocks? They need to read this.

Because when it comes to stock, these EVs has what it takes!

First let’s look at XPeng Motors (NYSE:XPEV). Each stock they’ve shredded through has done exceptional in the market. It got IPO’d only a short while ago, and already the Chinese automaker is catching up to Tesla and NIO! Robinhood traders have especially been hankering for a taste as it’s risen by 157% since being listed on NYSE in August. What a find! Retail investors are sure warming up to it, as Xpeng snagged a lot of funding from Big Money. Earlier, they were even capable to raise money thanks to Coatue, Hillhouse Capital and Aspex!

GreenPower Motor (TSX:GPV) is likely a household name, if your family is an enthusiastic sort for electric buses. They’re currently focused on transporting denizens of North America, but have been filling up on enough gas to push for electric-bus production all throughout! GreenPower definitely knows what it takes to bring school bus and long-distance transit models alike to the foreground of EV technology! They’ve seen their share price raise a lot in the past year. 1300% gains or $2.03 to $28.45! Isn’t that nice?

Lastly, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Shaw Communications Inc (TSE:SJR.B)! They take a leadership role for Canadian telecom providers through renewable energy! They’ve also been able to branch into sustainable ventures, like Bullfrog Power. (These amphibious energy creators source electricity by using hydropower and wind energy!)

There are plenty other electric vehicle companies with valuable stock. But we’re just hoping you might consider how useful these early finds may be! Happy trading!

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