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Robotics Conference Arrives to Fresno State with Demonstrations

You are currently viewing Robotics Conference Arrives to Fresno State with Demonstrations
The big robotics conference is coming to Fresno.
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Fresno State University is well-known for having an advanced mechanical engineer program. And for every student that arrives and attends with hopes of creating a career in robotics does the university grow in infamy. Within the past two years at the United States’ headquarters of Blue White Robotics, much growth has occurred for Central Valley growers, looking to retrofit their tractors amongst more machinery in order to operate autonomously. Such tech gets tracking data for technology-like sprayers to reduce the costs. All while upping the efficiency.

What is this robotics conference all about?

From Tuesday October 18th to Thursday October 20th, agricultural technology will be showcased for the FIRA USA 2022 conference. This will b be the first time that they hosted this conference in the United States. And as it turns out, it will take place at the Fresno Convention Center and Event Center at 848 M Street. This whole event will host the first two days while aiming at growers. Technology manufacturers and professionals from the investing, academic and entrepreneurial areas. The opening day is going to showcase research and development presentations by scientists, academics and technologists. Followed by a second day of featured business in the expo, while showing off breakout sessions and panel discussions and networking opportunities.

Attendees will be able to see equipment from 14 technology sponsors such as Blue White Robotics from about 8:45 am to about 2:45 pm, October 20th at demonstrations at the University Agricultural Laboratory at Fresno State.

The Campus center for Irrigation Technology will coordinate a portion of this conference. It will show off such useful tasks such as cultivating, harvesting, feature planting, mowing and other such tasks in the campus vineyard and row crops fields.

This isn’t the only conference of its type.

There was another conference that GOFAR, the French ag robotics trade association, organized. It was held annually in Toulouse, France since 2016 for vegetable and specialized crop growers.

International organizers had been planning the event in spring 2021 with the University of California Agriculture and Nature Resources, Western Growers and the Fresno-Merced Future of Food (F3) Innovation coalition.

Robotics is an everchanging industry. And certainly there is enough of an interest to upgrade their industry for crop ag tech startups. FIRA USA is able to connect the whole specialty crop community while putting the whole focus on specialty crop automation for about three days. The conference has an emphasis that would equally align well with academic and career directions.

This will certainly be a welcome step in the right direction for the United States mechanical engineering community. As it turns out, the country will be given more of a global spotlight in the grander scheme of things when it comes to technology and more robotics than you could ever imagine. Of course, the agricultural industry themselves would enjoy the advancement of the technology. For it would make everything that has to do with agronomy and irrigation much smoother. All to better apply technology for feeding growing world population for more sustainability. All for the love of agriculture.

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