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Lamborghini Hybrids Coming in 2024 in the Huracan and Urus

You are currently viewing Lamborghini Hybrids Coming in 2024 in the Huracan and Urus
For Lamborghini, electric vehicles are on the horizon.
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Lamborghini is sticking a nose up to Italy as the country rejects the E.U.’s plan for carbon neutrality and the car company accepts the likelihood that going electric is the most ideal scenario for their two star cars. The Urus and the Huracan.

What’s the story?

Lambo CEO Stefan Winklemann has made it know that two new entries for hybrids are coming in hot for Lamborghini’s electric vehicle line. This will be an amazing move for Lamborghini. The successor for the Huracán and the Urus alike will arrive in 2024 where both models will receive an electric power train that will enable for hybrid capacity. Both models are currently anticipated to be plug-in hybrids.

The amazing thing about Lamborghini is that they never choose to settle for anything less than the best. Noticed this by the amount of dedication they put into re-emphasizing their brand while adapting to the timely transition away from internal combustion engines and into electric powertrains. Given the current climate of the automotive world it only makes sense that Lamborghini digs smarter works harder at developing proper presentation and showing off their electric vehicles so as to hide any sort of luck you side effects could be easily overlooked with panache and poise.

One further interviewed by the press Winkleman has confirm that his intention with all Lamborghinis is to make sure they get totally electrified by the end of the 2020s decade. With this may mean for some models is as he simply puts it that battery electric vehicles may be Lamborghinis new base foundation for all cars moving forward in the nearest future of 2028 to 2029. And we’re all the better for it because to be quite frank why can’t you just go ahead and drive fancy car that looks like it gives off nothing but love for the environment? It would be ridiculous to wait any longer.

Not the first time going Electric…

Of course we would be remiss but to fail the mentioning of the original EV that Lamborghini has put out the Aventador. What was interesting about this vehicle is that we haven’t seen the last of it. There are talks of a successor to the vehicle featuring a hybrid V12 engine that is such a produce up to 1001 hp. To make things even more interesting there are three electric motors installed within the vehicle to upfront and one directly connected to the eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

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