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Governor Newsom Takes Care Of Many Bills In California

You are currently viewing Governor Newsom Takes Care Of Many Bills In California
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In California, the Governor, Mr. Gavin Newsom, had made it very deeply into the process of vetoing bills throughout the weekend. This is a relatively controversial take, given that some of these bills didn’t even need vetoes. But let’s go through his laundry list of what bills he vetoed anyway and see if they make even an iota of sense.

Gavin Doesn’t like Amsterdam-like dispensaries.

For starters, the Cannabis cafes have been raising the rate of the economy, tremendously speaking, all because of the difficulties that downtown has gone through, all during the weekend. Therefore, Governor Newsom had to veto the push to let cannabis cafes be widely considerable in the state of California. He just wouldn’t have it.

The Assemblymember from San Francisco, Matt Haney, had initially authorized the legislation. This bill, had it been authorized, could have let local governments give cannabis shops the license to acquire food, drinks and to sell tickets to live performances.

Governor Newsom had also decided to veto because the bill may have had a chance of not enforcing the state’s smoke-free workplace protections.

Governor Gavin Newsom wants to keep psychedelics criminal.

Newsom sees this as a bill that is able to decriminalize the possession as the personal usage of many hallucinogens as well as psychedelics mushroom. Such a legislation had been oted on Saturday, in order to let the 21 and older to keep control of psilocybin, which is seen as a hallucinogenic compnent as it may have been previously found in psychadelic mushrooms. It could be potentially covered in dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and mescaline. The bill itself could have not totally done it’s duty of legalizing the sale of the substances as it’s stopped from the possession of the substances on school grounds, where it may have been able to ensure folks to arrest nor prosecution for possession of limited quantities of plant-based hallucinogens.

Governor Newsom Vetoes The Bill To Limit The Price Of Insulin

Governor Newsom had chosen to veto a bill that could easily cap the price insurance companies for insulin.

The bill may have banned the health plans and disability insurance policies by way of imposing out-of-pocket expenses on insulin prescription drugs, well-above $35 for a 30-day supply. This could as well include deductibles and co-pays.

Newsom even went-on-record to say how California themselves had a contract with a pharmaceutical company in order to create it’s own brand.

Newsom Rejects Idea Of Free Condoms For High Schoolers.

Finally, the whole result of Newsom in his reign of bill-vetoing terror, ends with him rejecting a bill that would give free condoms to high school students. Given that it would be too expensive for our budget deficit of beyond $30 billion.

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