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Fresno Festivities For 4th of July Are Looking Amazing! Here’s The Latest!

You are currently viewing Fresno Festivities For 4th of July Are Looking Amazing! Here’s The Latest!
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After more than a year of isolation, it’s nice to know that you and other Fresno denizens will be able to enjoy the comfort of others during the nation’s birthday. Independence Day is not a holiday to take lightly! We revere and respect the occurrence of the 4th of July because it’s a big deal! And sure, it might be awkward to have to interact with people once more. At the same time, we would like to say that you have nothing to worry about! This is thanks to us being on top of all the big events occurring in and around Fresno this holiday weekend. Here’s just a sampling of a few events.

Star-Spangled Revue

  • Where: Clovis Wild Water Adventure Park
  • When: July 1st through July 4th, 11am – 8pm, Daily
  • Event: Laser Light Show and Musical Performances surround a waterpark. It happens to be one of the oldest shows in the area. And did we mention fireworks? Because there are fireworks.
  • Additional Details: Season Passes For The Summer Priced At $99

Kingsburg Independence Day Celebration

  • Where: Kingsburg High School Soccer Stadium
  • When: July 3rd, 5:00pm – 9:30pm
  • Event: Food Trucks And Fireworks As Well A Donation Drive From The Kingsburg Chamber Of Commerce

Fireworks Festival

  • Where: Fresno Grizzlies
  • When: July 4th, 6:35pm
  • Event: A big baseball game followed by fireworks.

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