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California’s Kevin McCarthy Struggles To Win House Speaker

You are currently viewing California’s Kevin McCarthy Struggles To Win House Speaker
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had recently stepped down while Democrats lost their own control of the House. All with a brand-new development, California is definitely suffering. Take the situation of Republican Kevin McCarthy. He is under a lot of pressure to gain speakership. The unsuccessful bid turned into three days of non-helpful balloting. This may even be the first in 100 years that’s relied on more than one vote to pick a speaker.

Should Kevin McCarthy prevail, there will still be doubts that persist through the sheer power that he might possess, being that 20 ultra-conservatives have made it apparent that Kevin wasn’t really a hot topic. 

Representative Pete Sessions, a Republican from Texas, can tell very clearly that the vultures are pursuant of Kevin and looking to kill. California has had plenty to lose when in recent times, the San Francisco native of Pelosi had been the speaker while four Californians chaired major committees.

For the past 20 years, Pelosi had been taking on the mantle of leading House Democrats for so long, that there were about 42 California Democrats in the last Congress. Which in turn account for only 10% of the 435 members.

However, in modern-day Congress, there’s really only 12 Republicans. Yet non of which who have been tapped to lead a major committee. 

In McCarthy’s case, there’s a hope to represent California’s latest 20th Congressional District, created out of the once-a-decade redistributing process.

The 20th district had included a little of Clovis and Fresno as well as going South towards Rosamond for half of Bakersfield. 

McCarthy himself had been a fourth-gen resident of Kern County at the tail end of San Joaquin Valley. Of course, there is controversy in the belief of California Republicans having clout by the mere number itself.

Republicans in the past year had teamed up with Democrats to ensure that “community funding projects” received money in the big budget bill winning it’s own approval for the last month.

Residents tend to feel left behind in talks of California politics, in regards of the big cities, like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento. Residents struggle to get water for the families because of drained groundwater, river supplies and a lack of infrastructure.

Kern County delivers about 70% of California’s oil with a majority of the most polluted air in the whole country. The worst air quality had been found in Bakersfield, for any U.S. city through the past several years, according to the American Lung Association.

L. Kern County, which provides 70% of California’s oil, has some of the most polluted air in the country. Bakersfield had the worst annual air quality of any U.S. city over the past several years, per the American Lung Association, followed by nearby Fresno and Visalia. Kern County also sees some of the highest heart-disease related deaths in the country. It has one of the highest obesity rates in California as people struggle to afford the food the area grows. The San Joaquin Valley has a doctor shortage and sparse medical facilities, further hindering residents’ abilities to seek treatments.

McCarthy and company would hope to push for water shortages and scarcities.

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