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Volkswagen Taos 2022 is Mid-Compact SUV That Also Caters to Families

You are currently viewing Volkswagen Taos 2022 is Mid-Compact SUV That Also Caters to Families
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The Volkswagen Taos 2022 is an all-new mid-compact SUV that has been designing specifically for the American market. They are opposed to something that’s sharing throughout VW’s global empire. The Jetta, Passat, and Atlas broadly follow a simple and supposedly more American-friendly format. They are not widely competitive. Then, it turns out American car buyers are more sophisticating than Volkswagen giving them credit for. Representing a smart course correction with the new Taos. Moreover, there is a bit of a bigger than with competitors like the Kia Seltos, Ford Bronco Sport but it’s not up to the humongous levels of a Passat or Atlas.

Family-Friendly Backseat, Cargo Space

The Taos does manage to provide family-friendly backseat and cargo space while still being smaller on the outside than many compact SUVs. It’s good for fitting into your garage. Also for the fuel economy. As well as maneuverability. Thus ensuring a lower price point. Moreover, at the same time, the Taos does not have the same cost-cutting feel relative to its competitors as past “American Volkswagens.” Plus, you also get a little more style inside and out. In addition, to the exterior leaning a bit into the outdoor adventure space with some rugged styling cues. Also functional raised roof rails. Therefore, do not expect much ground clearance or extra off-the-beaten-path capability, though.

In fact, with the 2022 Taos, consider it one of the best small SUVs. Scoring high on functionality and value without being bland or chintzy. Therefore, we actually think it is a smarter buy than Volkswagen’s other small SUV: the made-for-America Tiguan.

Volkswagen Taos Interior and In-Car Technology

In fact, the Taos does pull heavily from the Volkswagen parts bin. This is fine. Moreover, the same high-quality switchgear and the user-friendly touchscreen will interface if you find it in the Tiguan and Atlas. They are also found in the lower-priced Taos. The VW’s Digital Cockpit instrument panel is also standard equipment. It will allow drivers a broad array of customization options to provide as little or as much information directly in front of you as you desire. The materials quality is comparable to everything in the segment save the plush Mazda CX-30. Then expect plenty of hard plastics. Also, a few purposefully placed pieces of painted trim and padded leatherette jazz up the joint. In fact, the trim has some variation of a two-tone color scheme.

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