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Measure E Brings Controversy To The County

You are currently viewing Measure E Brings Controversy To The County
  • Post category:News

Measure E is a proposed new idea for sales tax, which is said to be voted upon on March 5th. But there’s a lot of controversy behind the Measure. Simply because it’s said to be totally meant to further the mission of the University of Fresno State, as it immediately impacts the region’s quality. Such a tax incentive like the Measure E tax would precisely add a penny upon $4 purchases over the next 25 years. Yet, of course, it wouldn’t quite apply to groceries, rent, gas or utilities. Also, the pennies could add up, and total in about $63 million per year, in a size that’s beyond $1.5 billion all at once. Voters themselves have gotten rid of a similar Measure E in the year of 2022. Actually a year later, it comes back with a higher tax for much longer. The campus just needs better attention brought to it. According to one of the representatives, the maintenance could actually be deferred to a minimum of $500,000,000.

The accounts state how there will only be one part that shows where the tax revenue, all as supporters state there have been about three dozen more projects that can advance the school’s educational mission.

Opponents are persistent in showing off how millions in tax revenue, could be sent to the salaries of a seven-person committee that could spend and oversee the money. There’s no telling how $14 million can be better used for the purposes of an oversight board.

The shared perspective that is coming from both sides of the aisle makes it seem like it’s just better off not being acknowledged.

The Opponents can’t quite agree with the necessity for campus upgrades, yet solutions could actually come from Sacramento or the CSU system.

Such a system looks like having plenty of resources available. All while the labor union represents CSU faculty over on a statewide strike, as the CSU used over $8 billion in total reserves in 2022.

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