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BMW and Their Latest Concept Prove a Fierce Competitor in the M Car

You are currently viewing BMW and Their Latest Concept Prove a Fierce Competitor in the M Car
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BMW M is working its magic on several cars over the past 50 years, in fact, it has only developed one model from the ground up the M1. In fact, it is about to add a second vehicle to its resume. Moreover, it did preview the high-performance SUV by unveiling a design study which is calling the Concept XM.


The XM is new. There have been rumors about it for many years. Thus simply put, the BMW’s long-rumored range-fronting SUV, which many have assuming would be calling X8 or X9 to signal its flagship positioning. Thereby visually, it does fall in line with the recent additions to the Munich-based company’s range. It has adopted the infamous oversized kidney grilles. Though it is not a carbon copy of an existing model. Thereby its headlights are split into two separate modules.

It is which is a futuristic take on a historic design cue. Also, the LEDs frame the grilles. Moreover, the roofline does peaks above the driver and then does gently slopes down. However, it is not as swoopy as the X6. Also, the back end has a pair of thin LED lights. They do stretch well into the quarter panels. In addition, the BMW roundels in the upper corners of the rear window do create a visual link between the XM and the M1.

The automaker stresses that the BMW XM is, among other things, a preview of the X range’s next design language.

It seems that whatever the cabin does look like will depend on where you’re sitting. Conversely, if you’re in the front, you will be surrounding by brown leather upholstery that does look almost vintage. That is if you face a curved screen that’s similar to the one BMW makes available in the iX and the i4. Moreover, if you are in the back, however, you may as well as be in in a club. Upholstered in quilted velvet is the rear bench. Deep-pile carpets are on the floor mats.

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